About Bad Karma

Team Biography

Bad Karma is a scenario, big game and CQB paintball team based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The team competes in events across the United States and beyond. The team members pride themselves on honorable play and sportsmanship. As a result, Bad Karma has been recognized with numerous awards on a team and individual level. Team sponsors include Tippmann, Full Clip USA, TECHT Paintball, Guerrilla Air, Furious Paintball, Pinokio Hoppers, Medusa Paintball, Retribution Paintball Field, The Utah National Guard and TreeHouse Interactive, Inc.

Bad Karma Awards & Trophies

2013 Team Members

Command Staff

Name Callsign Position
Jared Bronson Bad Karma Six Team Commander
Nate Durbano Swagger Co-Commander
Chris Frank Mr. Glass Executive Officer

Team Members

Name Callsign Position
Pat Burns Animal Team Member
JL Flack J LO Team Member
George Gallagher Mr. Hyde Team Leader
Matt Kehr Stunner Team Member
Levi Lauck Lucky Team Leader
Leslie Szoke Night Fury Team Member
Steve Szoke Stryper Team Member